The Differences Between Residential and Commercial Security Systems

by ACF Alarm - Published on 4/17/2023 7:52 AM

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Increased awareness of real-life and business dangers, both physical and cyber attack is the reason for the flourishing of security systems. Simultaneously, the solutions being offered are also getting smarter and stronger for residential and commercial buildings alike. While a security system might seem to provide the same protection for all buildings, there are a few differences that distinguish the two according to the different needs of residential and commercial buildings.

To help you decide what type of system you need for your space, we look at the main distinctions below.

What is a Residential Security System?

A residential security system is designed to protect your residence from unauthorized access, theft, and vandalism. With a combination of security cameras, motion sensors, door and window sensors, alarms, and other components, the system is meant to prevent intruders from entering your residence and alert the authorities if someone does. The purpose of a residential security system is to give you complete security, even if you forget to lock the door.

What is a Commercial Security System?

Commercial security systems serve the same purpose as home security systems, safeguarding one’s property and its contents. However, there are differences in the actual service provided between the two types of systems.

Main Differences Between Residential and Commercial Security Systems -

  • Quality of Camera Systems

The quality of audio and video captured is a crucial difference between residential and commercial security cameras. If you want to learn more on how to choose a video surveillance system for your business or home, then this article will help you.

Although there are several high-quality residential security camera options available in the market from several security system companies, none can match the precision and sharpness of the professional cameras used in commercial security systems. Commercial cameras must be highly accurate and are often installed in busy areas, monitoring a large number of people. Additionally, since commercial premises may contain highly sensitive information, the cameras must provide extremely tight security by capturing even intricate details, such as license plate numbers.

On the contrary, home security cameras are used to monitor a small number of people and typical home areas, like porches and driveways, which may not need a high-resolution system.

  • Flexible Storage Options for Security Camera Footage

Commercial security camera systems offer a wider variety of storage options compared to residential security cameras. Residential cameras tend to generate large amounts of footage that can quickly fill up storage space and become difficult to access because they are not designed to store and manage large volumes of data. In contrast, storage options and features are a top priority when designing commercial security camera systems. Some models even have automatic compression of captured footage to save on internal storage space. Overall, the storage options provided by commercial security cameras are much more efficient and practical than those of residential security camera systems.

  • Camera Security Features

Residential security cameras offer data encryption; however, they are still susceptible to hacking. On the other hand, commercial security cameras provide personalized solutions that cater to the specific security needs of a business. For instance, by setting up cameras on a closed network, commercial security systems provide high-level data protection, which is resistant to external hacking, and can only be breached by physically damaging the cameras or network. Moreover, such actions alert the surveillance team, who monitor the system. Thus, commercial security cameras are far superior to home security cameras in protecting the recorded data from external interference.

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