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Since its inception in 1969, ACF Alarm has focused on honesty and fair treatment of all employees and customers. We are committed to developing new security products and services to protect both residential and commercial property within the community.

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ACF Alarm strives to be recognized as the most progressive alarm company in the area. As a team, we will accomplish this by developing influential leaders that empower their peers in order to attain mutual success.

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All alarm signals are received at our monitoring station; located in St. Louis near downtown. Our facility is U.L. Certified and is open 24 hours a day/365 days a year.


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How to clear a trouble signal

At the keypad, enter [*] [2] The yellow “Trouble” Light will flash, and a number 1 through 8 will appear on the keypad.
Light 1 - Press key 1 for more details, if number 1 light stays on the main battery backup needs replacing. If number 2 thru 8 comes on call for service.
Light 2 - Power Off to alarm panel, (power off, breaker off, transformer bad or unplugged).
Light 3 - Telephone Line Trouble, no phone line working on the alarm system phone jack.
Light 4 - Failure to Communicate, on the last alarm the system could not make a call to the monitoring station, (this will only clear off after a successful alarm communication to the monitoring station).
Light 5 - Zone Fault, press key 5 for more details, the zone light with fault will come on. A wireless device has not checked in, smoke det. missing, etc.
Light 6 - Zone Tamper, press key 6 for more details, the zone with the tamper condition will come on. A wireless device has a cover not on, check the device cover.
Light 7 - Wireless Device Low Battery, press key 7 for more details, the zone/s with a bad battery will come on, replace the zone device battery, then open door/window should clear this trouble. If no zone light comes on after pressing key 7, then it is a wireless four button remote keyfob that needs new batteries (usually 2, 2025 batteries). Should you have 2 or 3 remotes it would be wise to just change the batteries in all of them.
Light 8 - Loss of Time/Date - Step 1 – At your keypad, enter time/date programming by pressing [*][6] + [Master Code] + [1] Step 2 – Enter [HH:MM] [MM/DD/YY] Step 3 – Press [#] to exit Note: Program the time using military standard (e.g. 8:00 pm = 20:00 hours)

How do I “Bypass” a Zone?

Step 1 - At your keypad, press [*] [1] then your 4 digit access code.
Step 2 - Enter the two-digit number of the zone(s) to be bypassed (01-64), then press [#] twice to exit.

How to get a green light back

The most common reason a “Green” Light would not appear on your keypad is because a door or a window is left open. Check all doors and windows, or hit the left or right arrow key on your keypad to see which zone is open. If all doors and windows are closed, and you cannot get a “Green Light,” call ACF Alarm for Service.

How to set the time and date

Step 1 – At your keypad, enter time/date programming by pressing [*][6] + [Master Code] + [1]
Step 2 – Enter [HH:MM] [MM/DD/YY]
Step 3 – Press [#] to exit Note: Program the time using military standard (e.g. 8:00 pm = 20:00 hours)