Commercial Sales and Installation

ACF Alarm can provide commercial protection against crime in many different ways.

A commercial installation is a system installed at a business or factory.  These systems will assist you in securing your facility and usually track or supervise the activity of your employees/staff for accountability purposes. Below are some examples of Commercial installations

Burglar Alarms:

A commercial burglar alarm can secure your doors and windows and can be monitored 24 hours a day, so the police are notified when the horn sounds.  It can also track or supervise your employee’s comings and goings.  When the system is turned on and off an individual code is sent to our central monitoring center to be processed.   This code will let you know who just came in or what time the alarm was set or armed up. ACF Alarm has partnered with ( to assist you with supervising your system from home or work.

Access Control Systems:

Another commercial application that ACF Alarm provides is Access Control Systems.  This system controls access to your business not only for your exterior doors but can also control special interior doors such as, “IT” Rooms, gun rooms, storage lockers, and parts rooms.  This is accomplished without the use of keys.  All openings and closings can be tracked or supervised.  Codes can be programmed or deleted from your desktop when employees are hired or deleted very quickly when terminating an employee.  Some codes can be given 24-hour access, while other codes can be programmed for daytime only.  Some user codes have all door access and some only have limited door access.  Reports can be printed out from your desk to track or supervise your employee’s comings and goings.  The system is a 24-hour 7 day a week electronic access system.  The owners of the business can rest assured that when systems like these are put in place the level of control increases 10-fold.


Video Surveillance:

One other commercial application is the Video Surveillance System.  The use of commercial “IP” cameras can give you the evidence or information you need to manage your employees or information needed by the local police for prosecution purposes.