24-hour Monitoring Services:

ACF Alarm can provide commercial and residential UL Certified 24-hour alarm monitoring.  We monitor burglar alarms, fire alarms, and panic alarms. All alarm signals are received at our monitoring station; located in St. Louis near downtown. Our facility is U.L. Certified and is open 24 hours a day/365 days a year. Any of our customers can call our local monitoring station to have the systems send test signals to ensure the everything is functioning correctly. Reports can also be emailed to you regularly or upon request. Some of the reports include: Alarm reports, Trouble reports or Opening/Closing reports.

Additional supervision can be added to your account at the monitoring station.  Some of the supervisory alarms are listed below.  These supervisory notification signals can assist you in managing your business or home

  1. 1 Late to Close (Indicating there may be an issue at the business and additional help may be needed)
  2. 2 Late to Open  (Your manager is late for work)
  3. 3 Early Open Alarms (Your employee is at work too early or came in during a time
  4.    when they weren't authorized to be there).