Residential Installation:

ACF Alarm can provide residential protection against crime in many different ways.

A residential installation is a system installed at a home or lake house.  These systems will assist you in securing your home and assist you in keeping your loved ones safe.  Below are some examples of Residential installations:

Home alarm systemsBurglar Alarms:

A residential burglar alarm can secure your doors and windows and can be monitored 24-hours a day so that the police are notified when the horn sounds.  It can also track or supervise your family members’ comings and goings.  When the system is turned on and off, an individual code is sent to our central monitoring center to be processed.   This code will let you know who just came in or what time the alarm was set or armed up. ACF Alarm has partnered with ( to assist you with managing your system.

Access Control Systems:

Another residential application that ACF Alarm provides is Access Control Systems.  This system controls access to your home usually at the entry points where you come and go.  A sensor can be added to your current overhead door so that you can open the door from your cell phone to receive packages.  A deadbolt can also be added to your front door to allow workers to access the home when they need to, or you can let them in remotely.  This all can be done from your cell phone.  This is accomplished without the use of keys.  A hard key can be issued to the homeowner as well.  In the event that the power or battery fails on the deadbolt, the door can still be accessed.  You can get alerts when certain people access your home, like workers or cleaning people.  The homeowners can rest assured that when systems like these are put in place, the level of control increases tenfold.


Video Surveillance:

One other residential application is the Video Surveillance System.  The use of commercial “IP” cameras can give you the evidence or information you need to manage your home and family or information needed by the local police for prosecution purposes.   Alerts can also be sent to your personal cell phone when a video occurrence appears on the system.